LUSH Valentine’s Day Collection

LUSH Valentines Day 2016

LUSH Cosmetics comes out with a “new” collection just about every Holiday. Sometimes, they are products that we’ve already seen before, but when it’s a really good year, they’ll come out with four or five totally NEW things… which is what they did this year. If you’re like me, then you know a nice relaxing bath is every girls dream, especially if there is a bath bomb and candle involved. There is something about Valentine’s Day that has always made me smile. I think it has everything to do with chocolate and the colors pink and red together. Too bad that we don’t have smell-o-vision yet because if only you could smell these LUSH products through the computer screen. Gaaaaaaah.


CUPID BATHBOMB $5.94 “Take aim and let the amorous arrows fly! Full of powdered rose petals, fresh raspberry juice and uplifting bergamot oil, a bath with Cupid is just what you need to ease your nerves before a hot date: no one will be able to resist you when you smell of sweet, summery raspberries.”

SEX BOMB BATHBOMB $7.95 “What’s in a name? When it comes to Sex Bomb, we take things pretty seriously. A must for any romantic bath, this sphere of sex appeal contains all of nature’s most potent and seductive ingredients to get you in the mood for a good… soak. Scintillating jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang are powerful aphrodisiacs, and soy milk softens up your entire body. Indulge in a little luxury with one of our best-selling bath bombs and you’ll be ready for anything.”

LOVER LAMP BATHBOMB $8.95 “However your Valentine’s Day pans out, you can rely on this amorous organic cocoa butter embrace to melt your heart and soften your skin. As vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil sweet nothings are whispered into your bathwater, fair trade cocoa butter hearts unfurl to envelop you in a romantic rendezvous. It’s true love!”

LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU LOTS SOAP $7.95  “Nothing says “I love you” like roses, so we’ve packed this glorious soap with four different rose ingredients: rose infusion, rose oil, rose syrup and fresh rose petals all infuse this sudser with the sweet, heady scent of the most romantic of flowers. Lavish your body with all that rosy goodness for soft, beautifully scented skin.”

TISY TOSTY BATHBOMB $6.75 “At the heart of the matter, Tisty Tosty is a bathtime love potion that’s made to stir passions. Drop it into the tub to luxuriate among the romantic aromas of rose and jasmine absolutes, and watch as whole rosebuds saunter across the softening waters. Invite a friend to share your bath—it’ll be love at first sniff with this sensual fizzer!”

LOVE SPELL MASSAGE BAR $8.95 “Treat your beloved to a spellbinding evening with our gorgeous limited edition massage bar and let the magic happen. After a few swipes with our heart-studded pink bar, skin becomes slick with softening rose hip syrup and fair trade cocoa butter for a muscle-melting rubdown. The scent of spicy carnation and uplifting neroli will hang in the air, setting the scene for other funtivities…”

LOVESTRUCK BUBBLEBAR $8.65 “This year, instead of sending strings of random emojis to your crush, you should invite them over to play with some bubbles. To set the scene, crumble up this familiar yellow face for a tub filled with cheery lemon and geranium-scented suds. Think they’ll take you up on your offer? Prayer hands, prayer hands, prayer hands…!”

If you drop into LUSH any time soon, you must take a look (and sniff) at this new collection! Totally worth it.

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Pink and Grey Nails


(My nails are done by Tueyt at E-Nails in Fresno, CA)

It seems like every time I see a nail design on Pinterest that I REALLLLLY want to do my nail salon doesn’t have the exact color. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun twisting the colors make it your own but I’m not sure how I felt about these colors together. It is definitely a manicure color choice that I’ve never done before, and somewhat different than what I was going for. But  next set I’ll be going 100% FALL-inspired and I cannot wait.


(The Pinterest Image I was inspired by)

I’m so happy it’s FRIDAY!!! Jumping up and down because of the three-day weekend. Tomorrow Justin and I are going fishing at Huntington Lake and then stopping for the some of the best pizza on the way home. I’m planning on taking lots of fun photographs to share with you. Hope you have a great weekend…. Talk to you on Sunday!

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BITE Beauty Multistick

A few weeks ago in August the brand launched a new multi-tasking cream stick for lips, cheeks, and eyes – The BITE Beauty Multistick. The new formula comes in 18 gorgeous shades which can be used as a cream blush, a rich lipstick, or even a soft eyeshadow. They apply like a cream but wear like a powder for a lightweight long-wearing result.

“Multisticks are silicone-free and made with natural, food grade ingredients that are good enough to eat. The shades include a few bright colors but really focus on wearable neutrals from light to dark.

The packaging is elegant and expensive-feeling with a magnetic tube and a flat-top bullet. They all have a soft matte finish , which creates a flattering micro-chromatic look.


(L-R) Blondie, Gelato, Macaroon, Nectar, Lotus, & Brioche


(L-R) Biscotti, Honeywheat, Cashew, Cocoa, Cerise, & Anise


(L-R) Creme Caramel, Praline, Papaya, Mochi, Mascarpone, & Almond

I was sent three colors in the BITE Beauty Multisticks from Influenster for consideration, and I could not be more excited to try them out. I received Blondie, Macaroon, and Cocoa (a tan, pink shade, and a very dark brown). I was a perfect selection because I was able to use all three colors on a different part of my face and incorporate it into one look. I use Blondie on my eyes and apply Cocoa to my cheek bones to give a bronzing effect. Then I finish off with Macaroon on my lips and it gives a perfect pink pop of color.




(L-R) Macaroon, Blondie, Cocoa


A huge thanks to Influenster for sending me these products to test out. I absolutely love them and have been incorporating them into my every day beauty routine.

You can purchase the Multistick at Sephora for $24 … Happy Shopping!

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The September Issue


If you didn’t already know, September is the biggest month in the fashion industry. Not only do the fashion magazine grow in size, but it’s the sign that Fall Fashion is approaching. September signals the “end of summertime leisure and evokes a fresh start, with the school year beginning and work revving up again.” It also represents the start of a new fashion season after months of wearing warm-weather clothing. Autumn is the time of important cultural happenings, and re-engaging with the outside world.

Due to all the above, the cover of a magazine’s September issue has now become particularly crucial. Most magazine’s strive to be either be very different or to land a cover star who is enormously popular. Since it’s the biggest (and most important) issue of the year, it is planned six to eight months in advance.

Fashion and beauty lovers like myself ask their selves – Who will have the largest issue? Who will have the coolest cover?

This year VOGUE turned to Kendall Jenner. The 20 year old graces the cover in a mariachi-inspired Gucci number. It’s her first ever September Issue and first official VOGUE cover ever. “Inside the issue, there are at least 13 more equally gorgeous images of the Estee Lauder brand ambassador in threads by Alexander Wang, John Galliano, The Row, Prada, and Hood by Air, to name just a few.” Top makeup artists, hairstylists, and photographers were brought in to style the model for the famed issue.

Kendall Jenner went from a celebrity teen girl, to an aspiring runway star, to a lovely VOGUE cover girl in less than two years. She’s always been the kind of person who know’s what she’s wanted, and I think she’s accomplished just that.

There’s nothing like the start of September than with the most coveted issue of the month and the start of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s!

kendall 3


Mint & Gold


Whenever I get my nails done, I usually choose colors that have been inspiring me. Lately, I have been loving mint and gold together. I bought a super cute iPhone 6s case on Amazon (pictured above) and have been totally obsessed with it. Yesterday, I went into my nail salon not knowing what color I wanted, but I gravitated towards the mint and gold, and it turned out great. These colors make me smile, and are perfect for the end of Summer.



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Summer-Hello-August-2015-have-fun — It’s time for The Summer Olympics this year in RIO… Starting August 5th through the 21st. Go team USA!

— If you’re into super-villan films, check out Suicide Squad (opening August 5th) — staring Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Will Smith, and Jared Leto.


— August 7th is FRIENDSHIP DAY! So be sure to make plans with your girls/guys or send some love to your long distance buddies.

— Bare Minerals new Gen Nude Lip Collection has something for everyone: 60 shades and four fresh formulas in the form of liquid lip colors, lip glosses, pencils, and lipsticks.

— Also, Gucci is collaborating with a graffiti artist GucciGhost (aka Trouble Andrew) on a super exciting capsule collection.. so be sure to look forward to that this month too!

Five Things I’m Currently Loving

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the items I’ve been loving and using EVERY DAY for the last couple of weeks. If you didn’t already know, I’m a sucker for cute notebooks. I love to write, make lists, draw, ect. so when I saw this super pretty pink ombre spiral notebook at Target I couldn’t pass it up. Plus — White, Pink, and Gold has to be one of my favorite color combinations.


Covergirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara $8.99 — I just finished my Covergirl Starwars Mascara a couple weeks ago, and was sad about it because I fell in love with it. However it was a limited edition product so there was no way I could re-purchase it. BUT WAIT, the Plumpify Blast Pro just may be better. It gives my lashes an uncontrollable amount of volume and does not make them clump at all.

Revo Strawberry Dragonfruit Lip Balm $2.50 — When I originally saw these on an endcap I had to take a double-take because I thought they were EOS lip balms. They look almost identical, minus the rived edges. Sometime the EOS lip balm would apply too thick and end up drying out my lips, so I decided to try this instead. I am so glad that I picked it up because this is my second re-purchase of the product. I LOVE IT. It not only glides on smoothly, but it keeps my lips moisturized and hydrated and smelling way too good.


COOLA Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Mineral Sunscreen $36 — I discovered this product in my July Birchbox and have used the last of my sample size. Sad day… I’m going to purchase the full size A.S.A.P because it’s SO GOOD. It’s a high SPF and apply’s with the consistency of a primer. It also has a matte tint so it gives a slight coverage and feels light enough on the skin to wear under any foundation. If you’ve ever used the Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer, it’s almost identical to that — except add a tint and SPF. AHHH, can’t get enough.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation $12.99 — It’s been 106 degrees here in Fresno, California. No I am not exaggerating. I’ve been loving this matte foundation because it keeps my skin from getting oily, and doesn’t melt off my face by the end of the day. I bought a color one shade lighter than my skin tone because I like to pair it with my bronzer for a darker contour.


Newest Edition


I have been wanting a DSLR camera for ages, but could never decide between a Canon or a Nikon… To top it off fronting a heavy chunk of change was also a procrastinating factor. For the last couple of years, and more lately I’ve been  saying, “I need a camera so bad”, “I’m saving up for a good camera”, and I think Justin got tired of hearing me (and he loves me so much) because one day he surprised me and bought this beauty. The Canon EOS Rebel T5. It’s definitely P-E-R-F-E-C-T for my first DSLR, and a great camera for me to learn on. I’ve always used my iPhone 6S to take photos for the blog and now I will finally have some much better picture quality. I will need some practice with getting the perfect lighting, but this camera has so many features so there is lots of room to play around. I’m excited!

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Kylie Jenner Launches KyShadow

Kylie Jenner’s new makeup launch is here and it’s not a lip kit.

Introducing KYSHADOW!


Ever since she spilled the news about a future Kylie Cosmetics flagship store, fans have been buzzing. Rumor has it that more products are in development… I mean, she’s not going to fill an entire store with just lip products.

So… Mascara? Eyeliner? “KyBrow”? Who knows!

But the first eye product is The Bronze Palette and it looks B-E-A-U-TIFUL! The palette includes 9 neutral eye shadow shades in both matte and shimmery finishes.

“I’ve been dreaming of this moment for way too long. This eye palette is literally my baby”, says Kylie.

The palette drops on her Kylie Cosmetics website TODAY (July 26th) at 3PM Pacific Standard Time.

I’m sure it will sell out quickly, so be sure to set an alarm!

Pokemon Go – Gotta Catch em’ All

Pokemon has been around for over a decade, but this new mobile app that Niantic released on July 6th is consuming most people’s lives all over the world. If you’re not familiar, in Pokemon — monsters roam the lands, and it’s your job to find, capture, and train them. Fortunately, you don’t have to have to previous Pokemon experience to play this game… because I definitely wasn’t into it as a child.

How To Play: The game works by using your phone’s GPS to show you the “lay of the land” and where you’re at. When the timing is right, a wild Pokemon will leap out and your goal is to capture it with a Pokeball. The fun part is that once you’ve collected some strong creatures, you can go to your local “gym” and battle your Pokemon against other players. Then there are Pokestops — usually landmarks: like churches, schools, parks, etc. where you get more items like Pokeballs, Eggs, and Potion to stack up with.

pokemon go 2

Eventually, you want to collect all 250 Pokemon and take over as many local “gyms” as possible. These past three weeks you can’t read or watch the news without seeing headlines about Pokemon Go. The game has literally been a phenomenon and is slowly taking over everywhere. Not only is it fun, but it’s getting people out and about, taking them places they’ve never been, and also giving businesses more business which is a fantastic marketing campaign.

pokemon go 3

If you’re wondering if I’m playing — YES, of course I had to jump on this bandwagon. Currently I’m level 16 and I am enjoying it so much. It’s too bad this game was released right when Justin and I got home from Washington, because we probably could have caught so many different Poekmon in another state. The only problem besides it draining your phone battery, is that the servers have been going down at different parts of the day almost every day. The app has already been hacked, and every time it releases in another company, there is no way you can get on for hours, which is unfortunate. Hopefully they fix this problem soon…

Trust me, if you haven’t downloaded this app yet, I recommend you do it soon. At least test it out, if you absolutely hate it then you can always delete it from your phone and avoid the craziness.

Gotta Catch Em’ All … POKEMON!

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