Month: July 2012


Happy Birthday to America, a country I am so happy to live in. I’m looking forward to a very special family BBQ that will be catered this year, following an annual party at my friend Jordan’s house. Fireworks are my favorite part about today’s celebration. There is something so magical about the lights in the […]

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Summer Bronzers

As the hotter days start arriving, Brozer is my best friend…. I don’t have time to lay out every day. And well, my skin wouldn’t like to turn into leather either, so a great bronzer is the best option. Don’t let dark colored bronzers scare you. Also, try to avoid lighter, more orange tones because […]

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oh, It’s Monday.

Monday mornings are always the hardest for me… Despite whether I worked or played on the weekend, it’s the start to a very long week. For the first time in a long time, I pressed the snooze button on my alarm clock about 3 times. I still managed to get ready on time and even […]

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