It has been almost a year since my last post, and I can’t believe it. Due to the busy schedule school and work has left me, I haven’t been able to blog which makes me sad.
New Things In The Last 9 months:
– I got a new iMac.
– Turned 20.
– Sold my first car I got for graduation and bought a new one!
– I purchased my first plane ticket and will be going to New York in June.
– Seen too many concerts to count.
– Shattered my iPhone.
– Drank green beer on St. Patty’s Day.
– And well, lately I’ve been going on major shopping spree’s but you earn your money to spend it, and mine is not going to waste!

{SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND} — a favorite sweater i inherited at ooh la la !
{A sweater with a hand sewn SQUIRREL made by my co-worker Missy}
P.S. I started becoming a little obsessed with squirrels, mustaches, and sprinkles.
Now that it is Spring Break I’d like to start giving my blog a little love and attention, and possibly a new makeover!!? We shall see. Have a fabulous Monday, and a great week!
xx Christine  

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