Ole Henriksen – Influenster Vox Box Review

If you’re not familiar, Influenster is a website community of over 2 million social savvy shoppers that stay on top of the latest product news and expert tips. They review products, share honest opinions with brands and the community, and test out products for free based on social media influence. I have been partnered with Influenster since January of this year, and I have been lucky enough to have discovered some amazing new products.


I received three products in this campaign with Ole Henriksen, complimentary for me to try. I have always seen Ole Henriksen sold at Sephora, but never tried any of their products out, because honestly, they are a bit pricey. Now, after trying some of the them out, I understand the price tag…. You get what you pay for. Wow I was impressed.

truthhhhOle Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster – 1oz. $48

This is a high potency serum that’s formulated with a proprietary five-source Vitamin C complex to help brighten, boost collagen, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to prevent further damage and reduce the signs of aging by defending skin from environmental aggressors and free radical damage. Enriched with green tea extract and sodium hyaluronade, this weightless, fast-absorbing, oil-free formula penetrates deep within the skin, delivering antioxidant protection and essential hydration.

-NO Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates

** I’ll put this serum on before bed, focusing under my eyes, and around my forehead and dimple areas. It really is as light weight as it says, not to mention since it’s filled with Vitamin C– it smells incredible, just like you’re squeezing an orange on your face. I love applying this after my cleanser, it seeps into my skin and makes my skin feel revitalized when I wake up in the morning.


sheeerOle Henriksen Sheer Transformation¬†–¬†1.7oz. $38

This is a oil-free moisturizer with a multi-fruit AHA complex to even the skintone and smooth the skin’s texture. It’s infused with fruit acids to gently exfoliate, refining your skin’s rough, uneven texture, tone and dullness while it promotes cell turnover. Pea extract, sugar, and Vitamin C work together to fade dark spots and even skintone. Antioxidant protection helps defend skin from future damage.

** I use this as a base for my makeup application and it’s a perfect light weight formula that keeps my skin hydrated and preps my skin for a healthy, radiant glow that lasts all day. Since it’s an oil-free formula it doesn’t break my skin out or leave any build up.


Ole Henriksen Power Bright Treatment – 6 treatments $55


Experience the ultimate Ole Glow instantly with this professional-strength, three-step system featuring an unprecedented 25% Vitamin C concentrate. In as little as one use, the skin looks brighter and more radiant, and fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished. Each box contains 3 numbered pods:

  1. Begin with the Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask enriched with sugar, honey, and pomegranate seed powder to help polish away dull skin, for a smooth, radiant complexion.
  2. Next, apply the Truth 25% Vitamin C concentrate and let it sit on the skin until dry.
  3. Finally, the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser layers on top of the concentrate to help activate it, and you’ll feel a slight warming sensation letting you know it’s working.

-This luxurious three-in-one cleansing formula nourishes skin with Vitamin C, cherry seed, and rose hip seed oils. Rinse it off using the Power Bright complexion sponge provided.

** I was especially excited to use this three-step system because I’ve never done anything like it before. I have been really good about letting my skin breathe throughout the days, especially when it’s extremely hot outside (like it has been). The best part about applying this was the incredible smell of citrus it put out. MMmm, especially the sugar glow mask… I wanted to eat it! The whole process took about 45 minutes from start to finish (including the drying process in between each step). After I rinsed everything and padded my face dry, it felt more clean and revitalized than it’s ever felt.. seriously, I’m not just saying that.I was sitting on the patio with Justin ans he asked if I had anything on my face because it was so shiny and glowing….That’s when you know it worked, when someone else besides yourself can tell. I would re-purchase the Power Bright treatments in a second. I’m going to have to stop by Sephora to get it soon!

Thank You again to Influesnster and Ole Henriksen for sending these products to me. I am so happy I have now discovered such a fantastic skincare line.

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