Patriotic Nails


The only time I get Holiday themed nails is usually for Halloween and Christmas… but I can now add 4th of July to that list. Since Justin and I are going out of town for the holiday this year, I thought it would be cute to do some patriotic nails.

I looked on Pinterest for ideas and there was SO MANY to choose from. I knew I didn’t want to go extreme, so I somewhat customized my own.

They turned out better than I expected, and I am so happy with them. I’ve been going to the same lady for years, and she always does a fantastic job.

Here are some of the Pinterest looks that inspired me:







I hope that you get inspiration from these photos if you’re planning on getting your nails done for the 4th of July.

P.S. Happy Half Birthday to me……. Yes, I’m a total Christmas baby.

It’s almost Friday… I hear the weekend calling!

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