Pink and Grey Nails


(My nails are done by Tueyt at E-Nails in Fresno, CA)

It seems like every time I see a nail design on Pinterest that I REALLLLLY want to do my nail salon doesn’t have the exact color. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun twisting the colors make it your own but I’m not sure how I felt about these colors together. It is definitely a manicure color choice that I’ve never done before, and somewhat different than what I was going for. But ┬ánext set I’ll be going 100% FALL-inspired and I cannot wait.


(The Pinterest Image I was inspired by)

I’m so happy it’s FRIDAY!!! Jumping up and down because of the three-day weekend. Tomorrow Justin and I are going fishing at Huntington Lake and then stopping for the some of the best pizza on the way home. I’m planning on taking lots of fun photographs to share with you. Hope you have a great weekend…. Talk to you on Sunday!

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