SJP is officially back on TV


Sarah Jessica Parker hasn’t starred in a TV show since Sex and the City, which ended in 2004.

Well, this Fall, she’ll finally be returning after twelve years to HBO in the comedy Divorce. She’ll play Frances, a character who finds out her husband had an affair.

According to the network, the show will follow her as she “begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that making a clean break and a fresh start is harder than she thought.”

Carrie spent six seasons chasing after Big—and she never had the courage to walk away, despite the many times he wronged her. But the first words out of her mouth in the Divorce trailer? “I want a divorce.” Boom. Now that is an I-statement with a heavy message, says Glamour Magazine.


I’ll be sure to set my DVR for this upcoming series.

It will be interesting watching her opposite Carrie Bradshaw, in a much more bold and dark character.

Congrats SJP!


Take a look at the trailer that was just released. OMG!

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  1. Charinee says:

    Wow! Excited to watch this!!!

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