Ultimate Summer Beach Hacks

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Justin and I just got back from a five day vacation in Southern California. We spent the day in Santa Monica on our way up to Long Beach, ended in Dana Point and then took Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Malibu on our way home. We spent a lot of time in Seal Beach and Laguna Niguel. My mother’s brother and sister both live in the SoCal area so I was able to see some family while we were on our trip.

Since it was over a hundred degrees in Fresno when we were gone, we were soaking up the sixty and seventy degree weather and trust me, we did not want to go home. One of the highlights of our trip was getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the Aquarium of the Pacific. We got to feed the tropical fish, see the surgical room and quarantine area, the dive locker, and behind the aquarium where all the tanks are kept to run the facility. It was such a great experience, and we both loved it.

So now that we had a quick little “story time” session, let’s get on with the post… Something that was inspired by this trip — beach hacks. I feel like I’ve spent a majority of my life at the beach. My father used to live in Santa Cruz as a child and wanted to raise me there as well, so I spent every Summer and Spring Break there with my cousins, and we had a total blast. The beach is somewhere I feel the most happy at. It doesn’t matter if I’m in California, or all the way across the United States at Coney Island; if there’s an ocean near me, I’m smiling.

On our trip we spent at least a few days at different beaches. Of course I packed a beach bag with the most common essentials — towels, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, magazines, chairs. But somehow I forgot a few important things that would have made the day a lot easier (baby powder and a ziplock) which I’ll get into.

HERE are my TOP 10 BEACH HACKS that will make your beach day less-stressful:

  1. BABY POWDER — If you throw a bottle of baby powder in your beach bag, you can use it when your finished at the beach. You know all that extra sand you have on your body that never seems to wipe off? Just put some baby powder where the dried sand is and it will come right off. Genius!
  2. CONDITIONER — I could spend hours in the ocean — swimming, boogey boarding, surfing, ect. and my hair would be so insanely tangled when I get out. I learned a trick that if you put conditioner in your hair, it will give it a thick coat to protect it from the salt water. When you get out of the ocean, just rinse it out with cold water in a near beach shower and your hair will feel soft and smooth right away.
  3. ALOE VERA — I’m stubborn when it comes to putting on sunblock. I always want to get the best tan that I can so I’ll either put an accelerator on with no sunblock or a minor SPF 10 … which is really bad for you, I would not recommended it. For example, I did just that at the lake last weekend and came home to a wicked burn on my shoulders. I filled an ice cube tray with Aloe Vera and then put the cubes in a ziplock bag. It feels so good on the skin, and they are super easy to take with you to the beach, just toss them in your ice chest.
  4. KEEP YOUR FEET COOL — Place your sandals face down in the sand to keep them from getting hot.
  5. ZIPLOCK PROTECTOR — I need to remember to do this every time I go to the beach, because somehow about a tablespoon of sand always sneaks home with me through my phone. If you put your phone in a ziplock bag it will protect it from the sand and water… Plus your touch screen will still work.
  6. TOWEL POLICE — Attention fly-away towels, you are not going anywhere ever again! Buy towel anchors, sure your shoes make work just as fine, but sometimes there will be that one sandal that will blow away and ruin your whole set-up… it’s happened to me many times!
  7. DIAPER DISGUISE — I actually just read about this hack recently and thought it was too hilarious and perfect. If you don’t know where to keep your valuables such as your : phone, keys, money, ect. then place them in a rolled up diaper or pad. Ewww, nobody is going to think to look there.
  8. SCOTCH GUARD — The sun can be harsh, and very damaging to your materials. So spray scotch guard oj your umbrellas and beach chairs to preserve them and to help they last a long time.
  9. HAIR LIGHTENER — If you want to lighten your hair without the harsh chemicals then just do it naturally. Just add lemon to your hair and let it bake in the sun for some natural blonde locks.
  10. SNACK CONTAINERS — This is cool.. Recycle and re-use your old coffee mate containers and fill them up with dry snacks such as: Goldfish, chips, or candy.

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Hope these tips and tricks help you next time you head to the beach!

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  1. Kate Youngland says:

    Thanks for the tips! I use the baby powder one all the time…. works wonders!
    I love your bloggg.

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