Summer Vacation – Oregon & Washington


Columbia River Gorge (bridge connecting Washington to Oregon)

I apologize for the absence in posts the past week. Justin and I just got back to California from a fourth of July vacation (which was desperately needed). We spent a week in Vancouver, Washington as well as Portland, Oregon to visit some friends and family, and had so much fun.

We spent some time at the Washington Square Park Mall in Beaverton and got to shop around. A highlight being, the Tesla storefront where we got to view, sit, and learn about the newest models on the market (SO COOL). I added a new Michael Kors purse to my collection — “what’s in my purse video, coming soon!

While we were in Vancouver we spent some time by the Columbia River. They have the cutest walk-ways and paved paths that take you alongside the water with some gorgeous views. We watched a wonderful firework show at Fort Vancouver and then got to light off some of our own mortars at the house. It is so neat that the huge sky fireworks are legal there, because in California they aren’t.

One day we hiked to Multanomah Falls. The views are breathtaking, so much that this was my second time there. Of course we had to get donuts in Portland, instead of VooDoo we went to Blue Star, delicious! The weather was in the sixties and lower fifties at night. I was able to snuggle under the blankets, something that cannot be done in California in the Summer, that’s for sure!


Mt. Hood from the airplane.

Other Things We Did On Vacation:

  • — Spent the day at the Oregon Zoo (The Elephant exhibit and Polar Bear center was my favorite) !!!
  • –Ate Pizza at a random Restaurant that ended up to be the BEST I’D EVER HAD! (Pied Piper Pizza)
  • –Watched Central Intelligence at Regal Vancouver Plaza — SO FUNNY!
  • –Devoured a Reeses/Cookie Dough Blizzard from Dairy Queen… Yum.
  • –Walked the streets of Portland “keep Portland weird”!
  • –Enjoyed a lovely trail walk in Vancouver near Hazel Dell
  • –Played board games over a home cooked meal

IMG_3326 IMG_3307 IMG_3306

IMG_3310 FullSizeRender (2) IMG_3309

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my vacation.

Justin and I had a great time, and can’t wait to go back again.

Look forward to a GIVEAWAY, coming soon — featuring SPA LIFE products! 

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